A former exedil of the PP in Valencia admits to the judge that the party wanted to return a donation to bleach

The exconcejal of the PP of Valencia during the last time of the government of Rita Barberá Alberto Mendoza has declared this Friday before the judge that investigates a crime of laundering within the party that the then secretary of the municipal group, Mari Carmen García Fuster, wanted to return a donation of 1,000 euros, which he opposed.

The testimony of Mendoza, together with that of the ex-advisor of the PP Cristina Montalvá, confirm the accusatory thesis that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the party bleached opaque funds through donations claimed to its councilors and advisors.

Montalvá, who has also declared this Friday before the Court of Instruction number 18 of Valencia, has also indicated to Fuster as the person who claimed those donations of 1,000 euros to all party personnel and responsible for returning those funds in cash -e
n two 500 bills according to the story of other defendants.

This ex-advisor has affirmed that, like Alberto Mendoza, she rejected Fuster’s offer to return the donation of 1,000 euros.

The statements of these two investigators, who share a lawyer -David González Wonham- and who requested to declare voluntarily- represent a support for the accusations, which argue that there was a plot of money laundering within the local PP, although they offer a different account by holding that they refused to have the party return their money.

As stated in the summary of this legal case, which is derived from the known as the Imelsa case, the UCO places García-Fuster in its reports as responsible for having distributed 50,000 euros in 500 bills between councilors and employees of the municipal group that were due return by transfer of 1,000 euros.

The Civil Guard report states that this money laundering system “is not an isolated case, although it is a novel operation detected in the aforementioned account in relation to the availability of amounts of cash.”

García-Fuster, as secretary of the municipal group of the PP, entered in cash in the party account 28,500 euros in 2011 as a contribution from the group, which was followed by other income amounting to 5,500 euros in 2013 and 4,050 euros in June of 2014.

The subsequent income of 1,000 euros, which the members of the group made before the last regional elections, allowed, according to the UCO, to introduce a certain amount of money of “illegal origin” into the financial system, a performance known as “smurfing or smurfing” ».

This method is based, as detailed by the UCO, on «small income of less than 3,000 euros in a bank account, thus getting the money into the financial system through an ordinary account, dividing the total amount to enter, trying to don’t raise suspicions «.

In the home records, the Civil Guard intervened 5,690 euros in cash at the home of the former secretary of the party, María Carmen García-Fuster, money that was in envelopes with names noted, one of which was Vicente Igual, as he acknowledged García-Fuster to the agents, with 1,240 euros inside.

Agents have confirmed that the majority of the fifty councilors, exconcejales, advisors and ex-advisors investigated made a bank transfer, with the exception of Councilman Alberto Mendoza and former Councilors Silvestre Senent, Félix Crespo and Juan Vicente Jurado, who entered in cash in the match account.

In the investigation, the Civil Guard detected income of those investigated in their accounts after donations to the party. .

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