a free screening center in Avaricum

It is free antigen tests which we know the result in fifteen minutes. Jessica is the first to show up at the beginning of the afternoon at the pop-up store transformed into a screening center: “J‘ve had a stuffy nose for a week ,. Sometimes I lose my taste or smell. I want to be tested so as not to infect my family and to reassure myself. If it’s positive, too bad. It will be quarantine.

The test result is known quickly © Radio France
Michel benoit

You have to wait 15 minutes to know the result of the sample taken by the Red Cross, and if it is positive, another test is immediately performed to confirm the diagnosis: ” My colleagues or I perform a PCR test immediately “details Maud, nurse.” We send it immediately to the laboratory. This saves the person from having to make an appointment. The results are known in less than 24 hours. We also ask the person to isolate themselves and they give us a list of the people they have worked with to start tracing and break the risk of contamination as soon as possible.

A partnership of the Red Cross, Avaricum and ARS
A partnership of the Red Cross, Avaricum and ARS © Radio France
Michel benoit

Only one positive case out of about fifteen samples … We must break the chain of transmission of the virus which restarts (even if the incidence remains low for the moment in Berry). And on August 1, the health pass will be extended. These tests are therefore called upon to be developed: ” On August 1st, you will have to produce your health pass to go to the restaurant in Avaricum “ warns Anthony Pinon, director of the shopping center. ” We are therefore concerned. This screening center could therefore be very useful for all those who have not yet been vaccinated. We responded favorably to its installation within our walls, because we want to do everything to avoid a resumption of the epidemic. There would be nothing worse than having to close our businesses again in September. On our side, we also want to raise awareness about the issue of vaccination. 150 people work here. 80% is less than thirty and the vaccination rate is therefore still low in our teams.

The screening center is located in an ephemeral shop in Avaricum
The screening center is located in an ephemeral shop in Avaricum © Radio France
Michel benoit

The absolute weapon is obviously the vaccine recalls Marie Vinent, deputy director of the ARS in the Cher: ” Many people aged 55 have not yet been vaccinated in the Cher, because they were not a priority. We must therefore really develop vaccination. This is the only way to end the epidemic. “ In the Cher, 43.8% of the population received two doses of vaccination, compared to 45% in France. (57.5% received a dose against 55.1% in France, figures as of July 18). The Bourges Avaricum screening center is open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Testing is free.

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