a gameplay trailer entirely dedicated to Shun’Ei

SNK had promised and kept their word: a new trailer for The King of Fighters XV has already been released, in order to focus on the character of Shun’Ei, who like the previous episode remains the central character of the story. Of Chinese origin, Shun’Ei succeeds Kyo Kusanagi, K ‘and Ash Crimson but has a strong link with the Fatal Fury saga, since he is the disciple of Tung Fu Rue who took him in after being abandoned. by his parents, because of his powers. He is indeed endowed with hydrokinesis and pyrokinesis, allowing him to play with the elements of water and fire at the same time. He is also able to materialize his chakra in the manner of a Konoha ninja and the two hands that surround him necessarily refer to Naruto. KOF XV is due for release in 2021 if all goes well.

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