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A girl from Mendoza was operated on in the Notti for an unusual case of cancer

The department of surgery of the pediatric hospital Humberto Notti intervened this Wednesday on a girl from Mendoza who presented a strange case of cancer and lThe experience in adults of the director of the hospital was key in the success of the surgery.

The girl’s family, which is low-income, has four children, one of whom is disabled; and dreams of achieving his own home to give him the comforts he will need for his recovery.

Priscila Montenegro was diagnosed with colon carcinoma, a disease that has an incidence of 16 per 100,000 inhabitants. 80% of cases occur after age 50 and there is a small group of patients, 2% to 3%, who present syndromes associated with a younger age, but always around 40.

It is a tumor that derives from the part that lines the intestine on the inside. The cells become malignant “, detailed Daniel González, head of the department of surgery at Notti. And he explained: “The girl had pictures of obstruction in the intestine and bleeding.”

González told El Sol that in his entire career, he had never seen a case like this and that the participation of the hospital director was decisive, the doctor Jorge Omar Pérez, an adult surgeon specialized in this type of pathology.

“Having the director of the hospital, who is a specialist in this matter, we took advantage of him as part of the team that was going to operate it because this type of illness in a girl is rare for us”.

In this sense, Jorge Pérez stressed that “that is what medicine is about, working as a team: people choose Notti for the experience of the human resources of its doctors.”

Why did this cancer develop in a girl?

Before this query, Jorge Pérez responded that “the advancement of medicine has been very important in recent years, but survival and quality of life have not yet shown that effectiveness”.

The doctor emphasized the importance of early detection of this and all types of cancer; and pay special attention to family history.

“It is very common that there is always a family history in cases of cancer in children. In this there was also it, and the girl’s parents associated it with the case after much investigation by the doctors”.

Pérez suggested that, in these cases, it is vitally important that a geneticist be consulted, “Since he is the one who is going to determine if someone else in the family can suffer from it, for example, a little brother.”

“The most important thing about cancer is early detection. If not, you are after the disease ”, remarked.

The surgery was successful

Priscilla’s surgery went “according to plan,” the hospital director said proudly, adding that Priscilla “He is already decomplexing in terms of the antibiotics and tubes that have been left in place.”

“He is conscious, painless and evolving very well,” he added.

The Godoycruceña girl had the right part of the colon removed, more than was thought at first due to the extension of the tumor, the professionals explained.

You must continue with strict monitoring. “If after 5 years Priscila does not show any more signs of the disease, we can say that she is cured”, affirmed Jorge Pérez.

The symptoms that triggered the alert

Priscilla relapsed on watch with symptoms of diarrhea, pain, and anemia until, in one of the consultations, an endoscopy was requested.

The director of the hospital highlighted: “This girl had been being studied and the diagnosis was made quickly by the gastroenterology service. The pathology studies determined that it was a malignant tumor and it was decided to operate quickly ”.

What’s coming for the girl

Priscilla now needs some adaptation time. Follow-up by the oncology service that will carry out the necessary treatments. If all goes well, in 5 years he will go back to leading a normal life like that of any young man, the doctors assured.

A family with many needs

Prissioni Montenegro He lives in the Parque Sur neighborhood of Godoy Cruz with a large family: his parents, three brothers (one of them with a disability) and an uncle.

In about a week, Priscilla will be discharged and go home. This family’s home has three rooms, one of which is shared by the four children. But from now on Priscila needs a comfortable space, with extreme care of hygiene and hygiene, since she must jealously take care not to suffer from any other infectious picture that complicates your treatment.

Nicolás Prado, Priscila’s father, works at the Mendoza racetrack. In dialogue with El Sol, he said that with a lot of effort, and appealing to the help of all his acquaintances, he is trying to recondition a small room for the girl: “We live with my brother, and we are trying to fix a little room so that Priscila has her space.”

“Our biggest dream is that one day we can have our home. I do not want the State to give me anything, I want to pay it, but I have been registered for many years in the IPV and in the municipality and the call never comes “, the girl’s father said in distress.

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