A group of dark shadows rushed out of the mountain wall! Kaohsiung male frightened a hundred catties of sambar and died on 28 lines | Society | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Yuzi/Kaohsiung

A driver named Guo from Kaohsiung City was driving at 23.5K on the 28th line of Tianliao District. Suddenly, a group of black shadows appeared, which hit the hood directly from the mountain wall. The loud crash made Guo Nan scared on the spot. After regaining his senses, it was discovered that the black shadow that had just fallen suddenly was a sambar; Guo Nan’s self-car front was half-damaged, and the sambar, weighing 100 kilograms, was in the middle of the dead end on the spot.

▲Guo Nan drove home when he was about to return home. Unexpectedly, a sambar suddenly appeared from the mountain wall. (Picture/Flip screen)

At 1 o’clock in the morning on the 25th, a 44-year-old man surnamed Guo was driving home. Unexpectedly, a sambar sprang from the left side of the mountain wall and hit the front of the passenger car directly; he was hit by the sambar. The front of the bus was half destroyed, the windshield was also shattered into a spider web, and the driver of the surname Guo in the car was in shock.

▲The front of the car that was “raided” by the sambar was half destroyed. (Picture/Flip screen)

The sambar that suddenly rushed out in front of him was hit by this and fell on the road without moving. Guo Nan encountered this situation for the first time, so he had to call the police for help; the police from the Chongde Police Station of the Hunan Branch arrived. , First carry out traffic control at the scene and notify the relevant units to deal with it. Finally, the staff of the Matou Mountain Natural and Humanities Association will assist in handling the sambar carcass.

▲The sambar, weighing a hundred catties, died on the spot. (Picture/Flip screen)

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