A guide to training home care companions

The Saudi Health Council has launched a “guideline for training home health care companions.” In this regard, the General Secretariat of the Saudi Health Council is organizing a workshop today entitled “Preparing trainers to train home health care companions”, presented by the head of the National Committee for Home Medicine, Dr. Aisha bint Ibrahim Al-Saghir, and a member of the National Committee for Home Medicine, Dr. Salem Khalil Al-Dhahi, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Council, and future workshops will be organized to be held later in four regions.

The workshop includes many topics, including; The importance of home health care and the required aspects of support and conditions, the skills of the patient’s companion, the patient’s companion’s handling of chronic diseases, dealing with respiratory care patients, the importance of following up on patients’ medications and following up on treatment Home health care patients, come to provide continuous and preventive health care and educational treatment support for patients in their homes. For his part, the official spokesman for the Saudi Health Council, Bassam bin Tawfiq Al-Braikan; This service provides easy and comprehensive home health care for patients in their places of residence through a trained medical team in constant coordination with the treating health authority.

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