A high school student in orbit, words for Pancho and Anthony Bourdain’s deepfake

We breathe very hard; we don’t get angry; unnecessary jealous and vicious comments about the plutocrats of space are avoided. But all the same. According to CNN, one of three passengers who was to accompany Jeff Bezos into orbit on July 20, the happy and anonymous owner of a $ 28 million seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, has just realized he’s got an impediment That day. Rather than speculating on the reasons for this withdrawal – the negotiation of a multi-billion deal? A summons to court? A meeting of parents of students? -, better to congratulate his replacement. Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old Dutch high school student, is not only the youngest astronaut in history, he is also the first daddy’s son to conquer the cosmos. The post on Blue Origin is a gift from his father, investment banker Joes Daemen. Have a nice flight Oliver, and thank you for sharing your enthusiasm in this video on the Wall Street Journal.

Flying retirees

The Washington Post, rather than deliver yet another article on the next flight of its owner, Jeff Bezos, prefers to take the field and describe how other tech billionaires fight idleness after their miraculous retirements. After Microsoft, Bill Gates, as we know, founded the largest philanthropic foundation in the world. Meg Whitman, a former boss of Hewlett-Packard, entered politics at 61, spending $ 100 million to run for governor of California. As for the two co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, they are exploring the future of air transport. The first set up Kitty Hawk, an electric “flying car” start-up. The second maintains the secrecy of the activities of his company Lighter Than Air Research and Exploration (LTARE). According to an article more


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