A hundred people gather in Barcelona against the “marginalization” of domestic workers

Domestic workers also demonstrated this Saturday in Madrid.

A hundred people have concentrated this Sunday in Barcelona to denounce the current labor regulations regarding domestic workers and of the priests because they understand that they “marginalize” them and have requested the ratification of Convention 189 of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

In statements, the secretary of Territorial Policy and Migrations of CCOO Catalonia, Aurora Huerga, has indicated that with this demonstration, which for an hour has cut traffic on Mallorca Street, at the height of the Government Delegation, they have wanted “press for the Government to ratify this agreement, because we want all workers to have the same rights and duties, regardless of the sector in which they are “.

The protesters have remarked, through a manifesto that they have read there, that current labor regulations “marginalize domestic workers and priests by placing them in a special system within the general regime of the Social Security that underprotects and discriminates against them “.

They consider that the current regime “maintains the dismissal by withdrawal, which, in fact, is a book dismissal” and that “excludes them from unemployment benefits, from the Risk Prevention Law, with the consequences for health, and from the Salary Guarantee Fund.”

ILO Convention 189 has already been ratified by 25 countries, such as Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal or Ireland, but Spain has not yet done so.

It is expected that on November 4, a group of affected workers will meet with the Government Subdelegate, Carlos Prieto, to discuss this issue.

The concentration was convened by different associations such as Diversa Migrant Women, Mujeres Unidas Entre Tierras, Las Libélulas and Cooperativa Mujeres Pa’lante, as well as the unions of CCOO and UGT of Catalonia.


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