A letter from State Security to the Minister of Health… What did it say?

The Directorate of State Security, in the Beirut Regional Directorate, sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Dr. Hamad Hassan, in which it indicated that “based on the reference of the Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, according to the record dated August 31, 2021, the subject of finding missing drugs from the local market in large quantities. The company “Katafago”, kindly circulates an invitation to pharmacies to purchase their needs of the medicines in the company’s warehouse, located in the locality of Beirut – Al-Musaytbeh – Tal Al-Khayat – Al-Mama Street – Belvader Building in the lower level, provided that the sale takes place at the official price determined by your ministry, after commissioning Whoever is required from the Pharmaceutical Inspection Department to personally supervise the sale, with periodic support from the Beirut II office in the General Directorate of State Security, provided that the office is provided with a detailed report from the above department that includes all items sold and their quantities, and the amounts collected from the company, so that it can be included in the record.


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