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Each year, the Annecy Paysages festival opens in July with a long stroll through the city. 15,000 people in a few hours in a handful of square kilometers: an unimaginable event in these times turned upside down by the Covid-19. The organizers have therefore decided to climb this year: the Grande Balade will take place on the Semnoz mountain, at 1,400 meters above sea level above Annecy.

“The public is invited, in groups of ten people, to circulate on a hiking trail of 4 kilometers, explains Salvador Garcia, director of Bonlieu-Scène nationale d’Annecy. The health crisis offers us an opportunity to imagine a new form of spectacle, to rethink the relationship of art, to the nature and place of the spectator, who will be here, by his movement, actor. “

The course will be built around the performances and installations of around fifty artists, including Philippe Decouflé, Emmanuelle Huynh, Fanny de Chaillé and Rachid Ouramdane. The latter will take over the place with the tightrope walker Nathan Paulin, who will cross the countryside on his wire, while the public will receive images and sounds on his smartphone. “We are forced to experiment with new ideas, indicates the choreographer. I like the place where the theater was created, but I find it exciting to go out! Nature opens up new perspectives for us. “

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In Pougne-Hérisson, the well-known “Navel of the world” in Poitou, health constraints should also reshape the eventual Festival, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on August 14 and 15. “For me, it was inconceivable to postpone, says comedian Yannick Jaulin. So, we decided to limit the number of spectators to 500, instead of 3,000 to 5,000 usually. We are going to close the village, which will become a huge stage. “ The budget will be cut. “We gave up the spotlights for the night shows, continues Yannick Jaulin. Instead, we will ask the audience to bring candles. Perhaps even more magical moments will emerge from this catastrophe! “

“We have mourned the great shows this year”

On the side of Bussang, in the Vosges, the People’s Theater will also experience a summer very different from the usual seasons, which attract between 20,000 and 30,000 spectators each year, requiring the presence of more than 80 people on the site. “We have mourned the great shows for this year, says Simon Delétang, director of the premises since 2017. But it was important to be there, even with a radically different form. “

Echoing the news, the actor has chosen to say the text by the Swedish Stig Dagerman Our need for consolation is impossible to satisfy. He will be accompanied on stage by the Vosges duo Fergessen, who will play live an original composition. Each performance will last approximately 35 minutes in front of a floor of about fifty people. “We will open the doors at the back of the theater, the audience will be seated in the forest and the empty room will become the backdrop for the theater, says Simon Delétang. It is a new project for Bussang, but the theater can reinvent itself! After the sadness and frustration of the past few months, this short piece marks a renaissance. “

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The Tréteaux de France will also be there for L’Île-de-France celebrates the theater, from July 18 to August 30, in Cergy-Pontoise and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. “We have opted for a layout adapted to health security constraints: the audience will be spread over the four sides of the stage, well away from the actors, says Robin Renucci, director of Tréteaux de France, who is riding this year Britannicus, by Racine. In the play, Agrippine has this retort: ​​“Ah! They are trying to shut my mouth! ” It resonates strangely with what we are experiencing! Since May, we repeat masked. I do not know yet if the actors will be on the set but, already, the mask transforms their work. How to play when part of the facies is hidden? It’s a real challenge! It is necessary more to engage the body, the eyes and to strengthen the address, so that the verb is deployed. “ Facing the Covid, the live performance is far from having said its last word.



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