A mental health professor sets his prescription to face the stress and tension of students and their families before announcing the high school result

Dr. Rasha El-Gendy, a mental health consultant, said that when the high school result appears, the student must set 3 expectations, even if he is an outstanding student, either he is an outstanding student, an average student in the result, or a lower level, all to protect against shocks.

And the mental health consultant added, during her dialogue on the “DMC” program on the DMC channel, we must set major goals for our lives, as well as alternative plans for any fall that may occur, and we must trust in God because He will always choose the best for us, and as long as “You are confident in you.” I did what you had to do, and I didn’t do what you did, I know with certainty that our Lord will satisfy you.”

And the mental health consultant continued, that the student’s family is the one who puts him in a state of very great psychological pressure because of the result, and they should not abuse their son if the result is less than expected, and there must be a balance in dealing that is not violent or ignorant, and the student must leave Or he travels and does anything that distracts him from thinking about the result and does not wait nervously for the result.

And the mental health consultant called on the students to put alternatives in 3 faculties at different levels, because with this we will have an expectation of alternatives, and this will protect us from shocks.

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