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Last Friday Linden Cameron, a 13-year-old American teenager, suffered a nervous breakdown derived from Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum. His mother, Golda Barton, called 911, the emergency number, trusting that the police in her city, Salt Lake City (Utah), would help her hospitalize him. But instead of receiving support, young Linden was shot by an agent who showed up at his home. He is now admitted in serious condition with injuries to the intestine, bladder, shoulders and ankles.

“He’s just a child. He has mental problems,” the mother told local television through tears. “Why didn’t they grab it and that’s it?” The mother assures that her son was not armed and the police, of whom she says that they have not only given her explanations of what happened, affirm that they did not find any weapon at the scene of the events, pick up The Washington Post.

“No matter the circumstances, what happened on Friday is a tragedy and I hope that it will be handled quickly and transparently for the good of all those involved,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall in a statement.

Lindon’s mother describes her son as a lover of video games, quads and the longboards (a type of skateboard), and notes that he often suffers from anxiety attacks when she is absent. “One calls the police and what she hopes is that they appear and channel the situation using the minimum possible force,” he pointed out in reference to his call to 911. “I told them: ‘He is not armed; he is not wearing anything; the head goes, and starts screaming and screaming. “He is a child. He tries to attract attention and does not know how to measure,” he added.

According to the account of Golda BartonWhen the police arrived at her house they asked her to leave. From outside, she heard the officers urging her son to get down on the ground. Then the shots rang out. A police spokesman said that same night that officers suspected the young man was armed. “Why didn’t they use a gun taser? Or a rubber ball? “Asks the mother. The case is now being investigated independently.

The police approach to people with mental disorders in the United States has drawn criticism across the country. The case with the most recent repercussion is that of Daniel Prude, a 41-year-old man who suffered a nervous breakdown on March 23. His brother called the Rochester, New York, police and when officers showed up, they hooded Daniel. He died a few days later from the consequences of the lack of oxygen that he suffered during his arrest. A video posted earlier this month It shows that the victim was not armed and that he also obeyed the police.


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