a motorcycle garage destroyed by flames

The rescue services of Picardy Wallonia were alerted on Saturday, at 12:20 am, that a fire had broken out in a garage located at No. 18C rue des Combattants in La Glanerie, in the entity of Rumes.

Coming from the Tournai and Antoing barracks, two pumper trucks, a tanker truck, a ladder truck and a command vehicle were dispatched to the site. “Contrary to the first information received, this garage did not stick to the house. When we arrived, the building was already ablaze, ”explained Captain Grégory Petit, who led the intervention on Saturday morning.

This garage, which served as a workshop, housed two motorcycles and a quad but also four 50-liter drums of competition gasoline. “Two of the drums, which were complete, were deformed under the action of heat. In order to avoid any explosion, these drums were taken out of the garage, then cooled using a class B foam mat, a product used for liquids ”, specifies the officer. Some parts of the ground were also soaked with hydrocarbons, foam was thrown in order to extinguish the fire.

This garage-workshop was completely destroyed as well as two motorcycles, a quad and a stock of tires. The causes of this fire, which left no injuries, are currently unknown. The firefighters remained on site until 2:00 a.m.


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