A neighbor denounces a “clandestine mass” to the police … which was not one

Illustration of a crucifix within a church. – PURESTOCK/SIPA

With the confinement, Masses still do not have the right to take place in the presence of the faithful. This Sunday afternoon, a new event takes place at
Toulouse to request their return. And in the ranks of Catholics who will take part, the mishap that happened on Saturday in
Father Simon d’Artigue will be sure to liven up conversations. In the morning, he celebrated mass at Saint-Etienne Cathedral, of which he is the parish priest.

He was then with the three inhabitants of the presbytery with he sang a song calling for… Return of masses. A rally which, it seems, disturbed a neighbor, who called the police to denounce this “underground mass”. While the four participants were gone, the sacristan saw two members of the police disembark to draw up a report.

“The sacristan had a valid certificate,” the clergyman said on his Facebook page. “A zealous informer hastened to denounce me to the police:” a clandestine mass “we live in a formidable time! “, He commented on social networks arguing that it was in his right to celebrate mass, without faithful, but in the presence of people who live in the same place as him. This is not a violation of the ban decreed by the government and so decried by religious leaders.

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