A “Netflix” for the art world

A start-up Catalan allows us to bring the world of art closer to homes by applying new technologies. This is WindowSight, a platform that allows you to view the work of more than 200 artists from around the world via mobile phone, as well as send it to a smart TV to share online viewing. The catalog already has more than 5,000 pieces and aspires to be a tool similar to what Spotify offers to the music industry, or Netflix to the audiovisual, with a system of profit sharing among artists. The application, which has been developed by a Catalan family, is available for Android and Apple devices, and has brought together more than 3,500 users in the first months in the testing phase.

The project has been worked on for the last four years and has led to the creation of this art display platform in streaming. “Users can enjoy content from artists around the world, and at the same time artists have a new way to spread their content digitally,” says Pol Rosset, co-founder of WindowSight.

The tool works similarly to other content platforms, with a mobile app from which works of art can be viewed, either individually or in a list. The Premium version of the application, however, allows you to send via QR code to a TV or any other type of screen, “as if it were a painting,” says Rosset, or an art gallery. if you choose to view different content.

The application is also born in a time of pandemic where access to exhibition halls and museums has been very limited. “It caught us off guard, the idea comes from about ten years ago, it was taken up four and two years ago when we started working with a team, but now it will be lucky to give the artists one more tool at a time of difficulties to be able to continue enjoying the art from home ”, adds Rosset. It is in this sense that the function of the paid version of the application stands out, given that 50% of what is paid goes directly to the artist.


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