“A new death game” … Al-Azhar warns!

In a statement on Sunday, Al-Azhar International Fatwa Center warned against challenging the “blue scarf” or “blackout” on TikTok, describing it as the “new game of death.”

And Al-Azhar’s statement considered that these games and applications destroy values ​​and ethics, and corrupt families and societies.

The “blue scarf” or “blackout” challenge invites its users to make a unique and different experience – as he put it – by photographing themselves under the influence of suffocation after darkening the room.

Many people participated in this new challenge by videotaping themselves after they held their breath and exposed themselves to death, and the deliberate suppression of breathing led to the suffocation and death of a number of users.

Al-Azhar said: “This challenge is contrary to religion and instinct, as if it does not lead to death, it may affect brain cells, and then lead to loss of consciousness and damage.”

Al-Azhar’s statement emphasized the seriousness and “sanctity” of these games, challenges and the like, pursuant to the verse: {And do not throw your hands to ruin, and do well, for God loves the doers.} [البقرة: 195]. And also the saying of our Master, the Messenger of God: “The believer should not humiliate himself.” They said: How should he humiliate himself? He said: “He will be exposed to calamity when he cannot stand.” [أخرجه الترمذي].

Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa called upon parents and educational, educational and media agencies to explain the danger of such games, and their physical, psychological, behavioral and family harm.

The Al-Azhar statement also stressed the need for citizens to join hands, and religious, media, educational and educational institutions. To raise awareness of the dangers of what he called “the culture of blind imitation,” and to reject destructive and extraneous ideas via the Internet.

Al-Azhar had previously warned of the danger of a number of electronic games over the past years, and the matter reached “prohibiting” some of them, including “Pokemon”, “PUBG” and “Blue Whale”.


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