A new feature in WhatsApp Android has been long awaited and requested by millions of users

A new feature in WhatsApp Android has been long awaited and requested by millions of users

A new feature in WhatsApp Android, and some websites specialized in technical affairs have revealed that the WhatsApp application will get a new feature that millions of users are waiting for, as we have information about the new version of WhatsApp for Android users, which carries with it the feature of reactions to messages from While its users can respond to text messages with emojis, as is the case in the Facebook or Instagram application, they must download the latest beta version of WhatsApp to test this feature.

New feature in WhatsApp Android

(WhatsApp) has previously tested this feature in a group of iPhone users, and it has now been released as a test for Android users, so it is expected that this feature will appear in the application settings in the coming months, and it is worth noting that those in charge of “WhatsApp” had tested Many new practical features of the application in recent months, including converting voice messages to texts readable.

Whatsapp after update

  • After the WhatsApp application faced a lot of criticism during the previous period, the company worked to win the support of users again.
  • And that by launching some new features that improve the use of the service.
  • WhatsApp also introduced a new feature to hide sent messages after a specified period of seven days has passed.
  • While the company in the next update to provide more options for users.
  • This is to determine the period during which the message disappears automatically without user intervention, as it is an important and required feature for many users.
  • The company also started testing the start of listening for the voice message and exiting the conversation with the voice message continuing to play.
  • While a window is pinned to the top of the app, it has the option to turn off the voice message temporarily or permanently.

Features of the new WhatsApp application 2021

The company for the “WhatsApp” application also worked by imposing and testing many of the advantages that the user requests and prefers in other applications, including the following:

  1. The company is testing the ability to store recent sent messages on its servers to allow all devices to download them.
  2. The company also announced the end of support for many older Android phone models, effective November 1.
  3. While Android 4.0.4 phones lose the ability to send messages, photos, and make video calls.
  4. This is part of the company’s policy in providing many benefits, including joinable conference calls and stickers.

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