A new injury in Al-Ahly shocked Fyler before the Enppi match

A new injury hits the first football team in Al-Ahly Club before its next important match against Enppi in the Egyptian Premier League, next Sunday.

Rene Filer, the coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, divided the players along the “Tri-Match” stadium, with the participation of two goalkeepers, as part of the training program that the team participated in this evening at the Touch Stadium, and the team’s training today included a physical and planning aspect, then the team fought A strong division along the stadium to prepare for the confrontation with Enppi, which will be held next Sunday evening in the Premier League championship matches.

Hamdi Fathi participated in the physical team’s training and ball training. He also participated in the division after reassuring his condition and his readiness for the next stage. Sharif Ekrami, Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Ali Lutfi and Mustafa Schubert, the four-goal goalkeeper of the first team for the ball in the club, participated in a single exercise under the supervision of Yankon Michel. Coach guards, it lasted nearly an hour.

And the quadril’s training included correcting from different angles and distances on the field, with training on cross balls, as part of the team’s preparations to meet Enppi, which will be held next Sunday, and Michelle was keen to talk with the guards during the course to confirm some technical instructions in dealing with the attackers, and after End of individual training Team guards participated in ball exercises.


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