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France: A new outbreak of avian flu discovered!

The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food has announced that it has detected a new outbreak of avian flu in a pet store in Yvelines, in the Paris suburbs.

the Minister of Agriculture had already announced that a first case had been discovered at the beginning of the week in a breeding in Corsica.

In a press release relayed by the media in France, the ministry said “Analyzes have revealed the presence of the H5N8 virus, identical to that detected in Haute-Corse, not transmissible to humans”.

The epidemiological investigation is continuing in order to identify the links between these two foci and the origin of the contamination, specifies the minister, noting that all the birds of the Yvelines animal facility have been euthanized and protection and surveillance zones. were set up around the home, as in Corsica.

As a reminder, the Minister has already mentioned after the detection of the first outbreak in Corsica, that avian flu does not involve any risk for consumers of chicken, duck or eggs.

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