A new variant of the coronavirus spreads in the United States, according to American researchers

According to American researchers, a new variant of the coronavirus is spreading in New York, reports the New York Times on Friday.

According to the daily, this mutation, called B.1.526, appeared for the first time in November, as shown by samples analyzed in the laboratory. This variant is considered for the moment as “worrying” by the researchers: it could weaken the effectiveness of the vaccines.

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So far, no peer-reviewed and therefore formalized study has been published in a scientific journal. However, two studies report this mutation and raise concerns that this variant is spreading: one was conducted by a group of Caltech. The other was carried out by Columbia University researchers.

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The news worries experts, especially in view of another variant that is spreading in California and of the British variant, which now represents 2,000 cases in 45 American states.

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