A New Zealand basketball team ends the contract of a player who refused to receive the Corona vaccine! Construction Newspaper

New Zealand’s Breakers team, competing in the Australian Basketball League, terminated the contract of its player Ty Webster, yesterday, Monday, after the player refused to receive the vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, which is highly contagious and spreads, before the start of the new season. Due to travel restrictions in place to prevent infection with the virus, the Breakers spent most of last season on Australian soil and the team is expected to reside in Australia at least at the start of the 2021-2022 season, so Webster’s decision not to receive the vaccination will complicate the team’s travel arrangements. “I fully support every player’s freedom to be vaccinated,” Breakers owner Matt Walsh said in a press release. Walsh added: “The club will leave the door open for Ty, but unfortunately we are living in exceptional circumstances, and without receiving the vaccination he will not be able to travel freely and therefore will not be able to play during the current season.” And last season, Webster, a player in the New Zealand national team, made a remarkable performance in the Australian League with his team and extended his contract with him for two additional years last July, as he previously played in the American Universities League. The new Australian Basketball League season is scheduled to start on November 18.

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