a night in the ANR jails for having angered Tshisekedi

Congolese singer Tshala Muana, a few moments after her release after a night spent in the premises of the ANR, November 17, 2020

Icon of Congolese music, Tshala Muana was taken into custody in the National Intelligence Agency. In question, the title “Ingratitude”, which seems to have annoyed the president’s camp. Cautious, the singer made amends on her release from detention.

Six minutes and nineteen seconds. It is the time that lasts “Ingratitude”, the last song of Elisabeth Tshala Muana Muidikayi – nicknamed National Mamu -, which earned her to spend a night in the jails of the dreaded National Intelligence Agency, from where she came out free this Tuesday, November 17 at midday.

Since Sunday, the day of its release, “Ingratitude” has been looping in all that Kinshasa has bars and maquis, even in certain political demonstrations. The title video is also widely shared on social networks. In Lingala and French, the singer tells the story of two protagonists, the first of whom, “the ingrate”, betrays the other, her “benefactor”.

No name is mentioned, but it did not take long for many to make the connection with the political tensions between Felix Tshisekedi and his predecessor, Joseph Kabila. Especially since Tshala Muana is far from being unknown in the Congolese political world. Formerly close to the late Laurent-Désiré Kabila, she was also the president of the women’s league of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD, led by Joseph Kabila).

“You didn’t win”

“Ungrateful, ungrateful, ingratitude / you are in bad faith / you will not go far”, sings Tshala Muana from the first notes of this rumba piece with a lively rhythm. “I got you raised in front of men / you became a great man / and today I got bad / and you start looking for my death,” the song continues. “Be careful, you are drifting / you didn’t pass the exams / you didn’t win the competition / the master raised you and you rose in rank / but after all you reject him.” “

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