a participant loses control and attacks Bruno Guillon!

For fans of The Z’amours, we go from laughter to tears. Indeed, everyone appreciates the confidences made. But not this candidate!

Les Z’amours: this moment that Bruno Guillon will never forget!

A show full of anecdotes

Comfortably seated on their sofa, fans of The Z’amours follow the adventures of the three couples of the day. Often, some people’s confessions make us smile while others manage to move us. But in any case, during the three rounds, good humor is in order. That is why, Footix love to tell you what happened to these couples. We remember the young woman planted with the luggage by her lover at the airport. If the latter has tried to defend himself, not sure that the public can forgive him!

When Justine arrives on the set of The Z’amours, we feel that it has its own little character. Not the type to let go, and especially not by the man in her life, she half-admits having made him see all the colors. Moreover, the end of pregnancy did not quite go as the future parents envisioned. While Justine left a few weeks before the big day, Jérôme decides to eat a pizza during the contractions. They don’t do anything like the others, these two. And that’s what Bruno Guillon will learn the hard way!

A funny mania!

When Justine returns to the set, she tells us that she does not put up with the overly flexible character of her companion. Unfortunately, the latter believes that it is not this small detail that annoys him the most. Indeed, the young man had a funny experience with a children’s confectionery. Since then, he takes care to cut everything into tiny little pieces on the plates of his relatives. Intrigued by this revelation, the presenter of The Z’amours tries to show solidarity with Jerome.

Nothing to do, Justine does not budge. His little mishap with a lollipop does not justify him making everyone go through hell. “It is not because he is choking that children will necessarily do the same! They may be smarter! ” she exclaims, her eyes filled with hatred. It’s decided, Bruno Guillon think twice before standing up for a candidate. In a very small voice, he declares ““But don’t yell at me! ”. “Oh, there the missile is gone… I’m going to go limping” How hard the life of a TV host is, especially when it comes to managing individual sensibilities. Footix would not have liked to be in his place!

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