A person dies in Zaragoza from a massive streptococcal infection

A person has died in Zaragoza in recent days after suffering a massive infection with Streptococcus pyogenes, a type A streptococcus that, although it usually causes mild pathologies, can lead to very serious and even fatal conditions. The latter has been the case of the outbreak reported by the Aragon epidemiological surveillance service on Thursday.

The case was recorded last week. It has been an outbreak of contagion that has affected a family from Zaragoza, one of whose members has died and another more ill, while the remaining two had no symptoms.

Preventively, these two asymptomatic relatives have also been treated with chemoprophylaxis. One of them, despite not having developed any disease, was found to be a carrier of the same streptococcal strain that had attacked the two relatives and that they did get sick.

This case of Streptococcus pyogenes invasive disease has been triggered by the same strain of this pathogen, which has been characterized in the National Center for Microbiology after analyzing the samples collected by Aragonese health specialists.

This streptococcus is a pathogen that, among other common diseases, can trigger tonsillitis or pharyngitis. Occasionally, however, it can cause very serious conditions in the affected, among other generalized infections that can be fatal.

Food infection and flu outbreak
On the other hand, the latest weekly epidemiological information bulletin of Aragon has also reported an outbreak of toxic food infection in a nursing home in Zaragoza. Twenty inmates have become ill and one of them has had to be admitted to the hospital. The case is being investigated by epidemiologists and has also been reported to the public food hygiene service.

Likewise, an outbreak of influenza A has been reported in a health center in the province of Teruel, with five cases confirmed so far. The five had to be admitted to the Obispo Polanco Hospital in Teruel, although they evolve favorably. .

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