A police officer dies and another is injured in a confrontation in North Carolina

  • The agents answered a call and, upon arriving at the house, were shot by an entrenched individual

A police officer has died and another has been injured this wednesday in a standoff, still ongoing, in the US state of North Carolina. The incidents, recorded in Watagua County, are still ongoing with the alleged shooter, as reported by the Sheriff’s Office, who has lamented that Chris Ward has died after being airlifted to a Tennessee medical center for treatment due to his injuries, CNN picks up.

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The agents had responded on Wednesday morning to a call for a welfare check, since the individual had not shown up for work or answered the phone, as the authorities have detailed in a statement. Upon arriving at the house, they found all the vehicles belonging to the residents, so they decided to access the building, when they have received the shots of “an unknown individual”.

The alleged perpetrator is entrenched in the house, and occasionally shoots at the agents who are stationed in the surroundings, so the residents of the area have been evacuated.


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