A private channel to cover the Egyptian super in Abu Dhabi

The network of “Abu Dhabi Sports” channels, which have the rights to television broadcasts of the Egyptian Super Cup match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, announced the launch of a special channel called “Classico Al Arab” to cover the match with all its historical and artistic details and dimensions, and convey it to viewers in the Arab world in the best possible way.

The Abu Dhabi Channels Network said in a press statement today, Friday, that this channel will be dedicated in all its materials, programs and paragraphs to cover and follow up the two big teams and everything related to them from all sides, starting from tomorrow Saturday until after the end of the match that will be held on February 20 at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the capital The United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi.

Yaqoub Al Saadi, President of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels, said in the statement: “We are in Abu Dhabi for the media when we devote a special channel to this famous and large Arab gathering, we continue our approach in giving all events the amount and what they deserve from transport, follow-up and coverage, in addition to our permanent commitment with our viewers at a steady level on Level of presentation and handling. “

He added: “The most important thing before all is our special relationship with the Egyptian masses, which represents a major component of our dealing, dealings and attendance, in light of a steady historical relationship that binds us together. “.

The President of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels said: The decision to allocate a channel for this meeting in order to cover everything related to the two teams from a long history dating back more than a hundred years, its chapters lived through the Arab world, and we will work on this channel for a week to transmit this date and present it in a television image Complete professional ..

Yaqoub Al Saadi announced that there will be great and impressive surprises that Abu Dhabi will present to the masses of the media, which will be revealed on time, and when it announces its details, it will be a happy and wonderful event for all viewers in the UAE, Egypt and the rest of the Arab world.


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