A rare disease deprives a man of showering for 40 years!

New Zealander Roger Hayward, 54, recounted his pain with a rare disease he suffered, and for more than 40 years deprived him of a shower.

Roger told the local nzherald website that he suffers from a water allergy, and as soon as a drop of it touches his body, he becomes very itchy, and as a result of this rare condition, he cannot shower.

“When I was 18 I was very healthy and active. But suddenly I started to itch after every shower.”

“One time the allergy was very severe after taking a shower. I got dressed as fast as I could and ran away from the house, trying to get over the itch. I felt like my body was under attack.”

And about attempts to escape from this pain, Roger said: “I tried different types of creams, soaps and prescription antihistamines, but nothing worked.”

He continued, “But over time, my body got used to not showering, but I make sure to wash only the parts that need to be cleaned.”

Roger is 40 years old and suffers from this condition, but he is now able to manage it, to the point of forgetting that he has it.


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