A secret microwave weapon is behind the attacks on CIA agents

They have been attacked in Cuba, China and Moscow, Russia suspects of the attacks

Mark Polymeropoulos is a former CIA agent who falls victim to a mysterious Russian weapon that uses microwaves against the enemy. Its existence has not been proven, and the mystery has plagued both the CIA and the Department of Security for years.

But now more and more experts are adamant that the damage done to Polymeropoulos is precisely the result of weapons using microwaves.

CIA agents have been attacked with mysterious weapons in Cuba, China and Moscow. Of course, the US government has not confirmed who is behind the attacks, but current and former officials believe that Russia is behind the attacks. The Russian government declined to comment to CNN.

Microwaves affect the balance, vision and hearing of Polymeropoulos. The pain never completely disappears.

“From that day on, I have a headache every day, every night. It never goes away,” the former agent told CNN. Polymeropoulos has to retire early. As an officer who served in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, he found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that something invisible had disabled him.

“I had better have been shot. But it’s an invisible wound. If I had been shot, I would have been able to prove to people that I was attacked. After what happened in Moscow, the CIA medics didn’t believe me,” the agent explained. He has to fight to get special treatment, and only this month his therapy ends – nearly three years after that traumatic night in Moscow.

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“When they gave me the diagnosis that said I had a traumatic brain injury, my eyes filled with tears,” said Polymeropoulos. Nearly 40 U.S. government officials have experienced symptoms similar to his. In 2017, the United States had to withdraw its diplomats from Cuba because the attacks were too frequent. A recent declassified CIA report points to “systemic harassment” in an investigation by the Trump administration.

Senator Jean Sheen is fighting for justice and medical care for the victims of these attacks: “If we do not seek responsibility from those behind this, the attacks will continue. And this poses a risk to US security,” she said.

According to US secret service documents, Russia has been developing such weapons for decades.

Bill Burns, the CIA nominee for new US President Joe Biden, said days ago that his priority would be to get to the bottom of these attacks.

“Before the attack, my relationship with the CIA was a pure love affair. After that – a divorce,” said Polymeropoulos.

For the first time this year, the CIA has set up a team to investigate the attacks and respond to future such incidents.


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