A skyscraper-sized asteroid approaches …

The POT reported that a large asteroid will pass into a distance of 5 million kilometers from Earth this Saturday afternoon. Although it was classified as “potentially dangerous” due to its close track record, the scientific community points out that it does not have the necessary size to be considered a threat.

This is asteroid 163348 (2002 NN4
), which moves at a speed of 11,146 kilometers per hour and has a height of 443 meters, so is “bigger than the Empire State Building”, according to the Tech Times portal through the Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects, belonging to NASA. ANDhe celestial body is larger than 90 percent of the stars that so far came close to EarthThese are usually the size of a soccer field.

NASA explained that 2002 NN4 orbits the sun every 300 days and completes one rotation about its axis every 14.50 days. It is classified as a “potentially dangerous asteroid,” a definition that applies to any space rock within 74 million km of Earth. “Since their orbital paths often cross Earth’s, collisions with nearby objects have already occurred and we must remain alert to the possibility of future approaches ”, communicated the United States space agency.

However, four other asteroids will also pass close to Earth this Saturday, although three of them are too small to consider a threat. The 2002 NN4, for its part, is a special celestial body due to the fact that it will approach again only in nine years.


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