A statement from the Lebanese army after the video of the military shooting at protesters

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said, on Saturday, that the government is keen not to interfere in any file related to the judiciary.

Mikati’s statements came, in a statement issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, following a meeting between Mikati, Minister of Justice Henry Khoury and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Suhail Abboud, after the killing of seven people in violence in Beirut, Thursday, that erupted against the backdrop of protests calling for the removal of the judicial investigator in the explosion of the port of Beirut, Tariq Bitar. .

Mikati added: “The judiciary should take whatever measures it deems appropriate by itself.”

And earlier on Saturday, the Lebanese LBC television said on Twitter that the Supreme Judicial Council will meet next Tuesday with Bitar to hear his opinion on the course of the investigation into the port explosion case.

The investigation into the case of the port explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020, one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history, has made little progress in light of a smear campaign against Judge Al-Bitar and resistance from Lebanese factions.

These developments come after the leader of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, denied that his party planned the violence that took place in the streets of Beirut, and said that a meeting held the previous day was entirely political.

And the violent events that took place in Beirut on Thursday, while protesters were gathering to participate in a protest called by the Hezbollah militia against the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion, was the worst in more than ten years, and brought to mind memories of the sectarian civil war that the country witnessed from 1975 to 1990. .

On Friday evening, Geagea told Voice of Beirut International Radio that a meeting he held, last Wednesday, discussed options for action if Hezbollah’s efforts succeeded in the efforts to isolate Judge Tariq Bitar.

He added that the option that was agreed upon during the meeting was to call a general strike only.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia escalated its accusations against the Lebanese Forces party, on Friday, saying it was trying to drag the country into civil war.

The authorities have arrested 19 people so far in connection with the violence.

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