A teacher who has not been vaccinated and has been symptomatic for 2 days has infected half of her class with Covid-19 because she was not wearing her mask!

On May 23, an unvaccinated American teacher tested positive for the coronavirus. She had been showing symptoms since May 19, but she continued to teach… until she was tested. During this period when she taught while she was positive, the American told her students stories, without putting on her mask, flouting the health protocol established by the school, which required the wearing of the mask in interior.

Once the teacher’s positive test was detected, a real cluster was declared, we read in the columns of the RTBF. Staff, students, parents, and even siblings had in turn been infected! Of 24 of the teacher’s students, 12 tested positive. 80% of the children who were in the two rows near the teacher were infected.

The cluster was not limited to the pupils of the class of the teacher in question, since “from May 24 to June 1, six of the 18 pupils of another class of the school, all also too young for the vaccination , have tested positive, ”says the report from the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was then that “eight additional cases were identified, all in parents and siblings of students in these two classes”.

According to the analyzes provided, the Delta variant is the cause of this cluster. It was the teacher who first contracted it, before infecting all these people. “In addition to immunizing eligible people, strict adherence to non-pharmaceutical prevention strategies, including masking, routine testing, room ventilation, and staying home in case of symptoms, is important to ensure the safety of the patient. in-person learning in schools, ”the report recalls.

For these authors of the report, this case “underscores the importance of vaccinating school staff members who are in close contact indoors with children not eligible for vaccination when schools reopen.”


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