A teenager with cerebral palsy dies after authorities confine his family to the coronavirus

Adisabled teenager in China has diedafter being home alone for six days while their relatives were in quarantine on suspicion of having the Wuhan coronavirus, according to ‘Beijing Youth Daily’ and other local media.

The 17-year-old Yan Chenghad cerebral palsy, a disability that requires attention 24 hours a day. Cheng only had his father of 49 years and his autistic brother of 11 years since the mother committed suicide approximately one year after the birth of the younger brother.

“He can’t move, talk or take care of himself”

Cheng’s father and younger brother were quarantined by authorities in a center, leaving Cheng at homerelying on the proper attention of local officialswho had been entrusted with their welfare. Concerned that Cheng was not receiving the relevant care, his father requested help on Weibo, the Chinese network similar to Twitter.

“I have two children with disabilities. My oldest son has cerebral palsy. He cannot move, talk or take care of himself.He has been home alone for six days, with no one to feed him or change his clothes, “he wrote, according to the South China Morning Post

The officials just visited andfed twice for two of the six daysThat remained alone. In addition, Yan Xiaowen, the father, contacted a Wuhan disabled charity to ask for help, which reported the matter


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