A thousand new requests for chronic drugs

Since the decision to relatively subsidize medicines for chronic diseases, initiatives have emerged to alleviate the “massacre” against the population in Lebanon, which are important given the decision’s serious repercussions. Among these initiatives, the mayor of Ghobeiry Maan Al-Khalil, after the decision was issued, asked, through his account on Twitter, “all parents in need of medication for chronic diseases to go to the Ghobeiry Health Center – Abdullah Al-Haj Street to open a medical file to benefit from the drug for free.”

About this initiative, Al-Khalil explains to Al-Akhbar that it is not new, but over the past few days, more than a thousand new applications for medicines have been submitted to the Ghobeiry Health Care Center. He stresses that the Ghobeiri municipality will not stand idly by during the current crisis: “We will resort to all available alternatives in the market, including Syrian and Iranian medicine, and we will spare no effort to help our patients in the absence of an alternative and associations,” expressing his readiness to cooperate “with any party that wants to provide assistance, such as Syria, Iran, Jordan, Iraq or any other party.”

Al-Khalil warns that “no citizen just by reaching the center can obtain the medicine, but it must first be examined and diagnosed, and then given the file to the YMCA Association, which in turn studies the file and then decides to provide medicines for each case in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Health.” He points out that the medicines obtained by the center are very limited, and sometimes they do not cover all diseases.

He explains that the Municipal Council in Ghobeiry was able in previous periods to cover what the Ministry of Health was unable to secure, as what it called for through the Ghobeiry Health Center has existed since before October 2019, and medicine was distributed to patients periodically, but the crisis made the citizen He pays more attention to these matters, especially since he is looking for a pill today. He points out that health care centers are spread across all Lebanese territories in cooperation with the international “YMCA” Association, calling on non-residents of Ghobeiry to fill out their medical forms at their nearest health care center.

It is worth noting that drug distribution programs and initiatives do not include insured parties, including retirees and employees in the public and private sectors. The insured buy medicines at market prices after lifting the subsidy, and then receive their price from the contributions of the Guarantee Fund after 6 or 7 months, according to the old official price of the medicine at the Fund and on the basis of the dollar exchange rate of 1500 pounds.

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