A watchman and a cyclist lost their lives in accidents in Piedecuesta and Girón

Traffic accidents claimed two lives on Thursday morning in Bucaramanga and the metropolitan area.

The first took place at 4:40 am on Carrera 4 with Calle 1 in the Campo Verde neighborhood, in Piedecuesta.

At that time, Joel Suárez Polanco, an 18-year-old Venezuelan informal security guard, was in command of a Discovery, with license plate FPR-69C, when he apparently collided with another motorized vehicle while conducting his surveillance round.

Although upon the arrival of the authorities, the deceased was on a platform and the motorcycle had been moved, witnesses affirmed that “two motorcycles collided head-on, one of the drivers escaped from the site; meanwhile, the other (Joel) got up, left his motorcycle in a bay and walked towards the restaurant where he managed to talk to other informal guards and moments later he collapsed on the platform ”.

Ambulances arrived at the scene, but Suárez Polanco no longer had vital signs.

On the other hand, at kilometer 2 of Via Transversal de Malpaso – Anillo Vial, Girón jurisdiction, 62-year-old Wilson Vesga Rojas, who was riding a bicycle, lost his life.

It happened at 7:10 in the morning when, upon reaching kilometer 2, Vesga lost control, colliding with the platform. The impact shot him off to the side of the road, where he lost his life immediately.


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