Sport Abdulghani: The salary offered by Al-Ahly to Fathi spoils...

Abdulghani: The salary offered by Al-Ahly to Fathi spoils the ball


Former Al-Ahly player Magdi Abdel-Ghani stated that the annual salary offered by the club to Ahmed Fathi would have corrupted the ball, saying that Pyramids had a different position.

Abdul Ghani said in his statements to “Ten” satellite channel: “The salary that Al-Ahly offered to Ahmed Fathi can spoil the ball in Egypt, so how do you pay 12 million pounds in order to renew the contract of a 34-year-old player?”

He continued: “I am not concerned with what Pyramids will pay in order to contract with Ahmed Fathi. This is a private club and the owner pays money from his pocket and he is responsible for him, but the situation in Al-Ahly is different.”

He added: “Al-Ahly is funded by members of the General Assembly and I am a member of the General Assembly of the club and I pay an annual subscription for spending on the club.”

He continued: “The clubs must be privatized to have a business owner responsible for them and for the expenditures on all sectors in them … Where is the sermon of what happened during the negotiation process of the Ball Committee?”

As for Hossam Ashour’s position, he said: “Who said that Al-Ahly when he fulfills the conditions? It is the ruling on the situation we live in. There is no reason to organize a retirement match for Hossam Ashour, as he is a professional player who gets paid and there is no need now for a retirement match.”



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