About 200 people were surprised at Ramuntcho beach: authority does not rule out closing the place | National

About 200 people were registered by the Carabineros and the health authority for visiting Ramuntcho beach of Hualpén, in the Bío Bío region, without respecting no sanitary measure and breach the current quarantine.

Sports activities took place at the site and there were even tents set up.

The seremi of Health, Héctor Muñoz, described the situation as a shame, ensuring that there were entire families, exposing minors. In addition, he announced that people arrested.

All the surprised visitors were registered, in order to initiate summary proceedings and issue the respective fines.

What’s more, the authority did not rule out taking more drastic measures to prevent the images of this Monday from being repeated, such as the closure or closure of the spas If necessary.

After the inspection, everyone had to leave the place.

The governor of Concepción, Julio Anativia, specified that 13 adults were arrested for violation of Article 318 of the Penal Code and 115 were registered for the subsequent sending of records to the health authority and to proceed with the respective summaries.

The foregoing occurs at hours that the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, will congratulate the region for its good behavior during the quarantine.

This Tuesday, more details of the inspection carried out by the health authority in the Bío Bío will be known.

Health Seremi
Health Seremi


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