Abuse: young Spanish unleashes fury after throwing a cat down a ravine and posting it on Instagram | Society

The police of the city of Granada denounced a young woman last Wednesday for a crime of animal abuse. The victimizer It was recorded throwing a cat down a ravine, while the song was playing in the background The flying cat. The record was also shared on Instagram.

The incident occurred in the town of Deifontes, after Christmas Day. As the hours passed, the video began to go viral, until it reached the hands of the authorities.

The police published the moment on their Twitter account, where they added a harsh criticism against the young woman, who is a minor and a neighbor of the aforementioned town.

“The crime of animal abuse requires that serious injuries be caused to the domestic animal, and your joke could have caused serious injuries and even death to the cat,” they indicated.

“So you are a potential criminal and also a miserable person. In Deifontes there are plenty of people like you ”, they added.

Fortunately, as seen in the video, the animal knew how to fall after that launch, so its life was not in danger.

A neighbor of that family told the Spanish newspaper The world that the girl received a “harsh lesson” from her family.

“It doesn’t seem to me either that beating up is the way to raise awareness”, supported the aforementioned medium.

That person added that, along with his daughter, they took the cat to the vet. After a general check-up, the professional explained that the feline was left with an injury to its left hind leg, although it should not be operated.

For now, the authorities ruled out filing charges against the teenager, who only received a warning and must pay a fine in money.


5 thoughts on “Abuse: young Spanish unleashes fury after throwing a cat down a ravine and posting it on Instagram | Society”

  1. The police comment “In #Deifontes there are plenty of people like you.” (En Deifontes sobra gente como tú) is not translating the meaning well. That Spanish expression is more like: “People like you are not welcome in Deifontes”.

  2. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRUEL STUPID NONSENSE THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! OH BUT IT WILL Happen again as you dumb motherfuckers didn’t punish her just let her get away with it so she can go throw another cat even further off a cliff idiots! Let me throw her dumb ass off the fucking cliff that’s the best outcome!

    that girl is a worthless piece of shit and the one who recorded it….oh and the courts who let this happen! Douche bags!

  3. I agree with Whitney 100%!
    Evil, heartless, monsters should have the same fate done to them as they did to the helpless cat! Both of them are a waste of space and, fucking pond scum!

  4. I agree with the others. This miscreant and her cameraman friend should both be thrown off a cliff, a tall enough cliff that she’ll never be able to do such a thing again. Look how gentle the poor cat is. He/She didn’t even resist. It’s a crime against God in addition to the poor cat! It’s despicable that she didn’t face charges. This is “immoral!”


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