According to Rüffel from the works council: VW boss Diess is turning the wheel around

According to Rüffel from the works council
VW boss Diess is pulling the wheel

The VW main plant in Wolfsburg is underutilized, short-time working and a lack of chips alert the employees. After a public reprimand from the works council, CEO Diess changed direction and at the beginning of November was finally answering questions from his workforce.

After clear criticism from the works council, Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess will take part in the works meeting in Wolfsburg at the beginning of November. A trip to the USA that was actually planned for next week has been canceled. A company spokesman confirmed this on request in the afternoon. The new works council chairman Daniela Cavallo had previously publicly criticized the CEO’s absence from the company meeting.

CEO Diess will be in Wolfsburg on November 4th and answer questions from employees, said the company spokesman. A dialogue event planned for Thursday was canceled at short notice. Cavallo had previously criticized the cancellation and his own appointment with clear words. “Herbert Diess prefers investors on Wall Street to its own workforce,” wrote Cavallo in a statement on Tuesday evening. This behavior is unprecedented in the history of the group and shows that Diess has neither empathy nor feeling for the situation of the workforce even in this crisis.

“Should be available to answer questions”

“This provocation shows us that Dr. Diess continues to have no interest in constructive cooperation.” Instead, the board pushes a dialogue event “according to its own script” into its calendar. Cavallo had also asked Diess to send the CFO Arno Antlitz to the investors in the USA if necessary and to answer questions from the workforce. This has to put Wolfsburg in position in the competition with Tesla and needs the support of the employees. They are unsettled by the lack of chips and short-time work.

The works council in Wolfsburg is alarmed because the VW main plant is underutilized. There could be as little production here in 2021 as it was last at the end of the 1950s. The workforce representatives have long been asking for another electric model in addition to the “Trinity” project, which is to come from 2026 – later than initially planned.


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