“According to the first results, it is not a question of chemical pollution, and research is rather directed towards the nets used” (Alioune Ndoye)

The Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Mr. Alioune Ndoye, chaired the ceremony marking the world day of artisanal fishing, this Saturday, November 21, 2020 at the ministerial sphere Ousmane Tanor Dieng of Diamniadio. It is a meeting of information and exchanges with the actors on the theme: Problem of the sustainable management of fishery resources, the fishing sector facing illegal immigration and format and content of national fishing days.

According to Minister Alioune Ndoye, “we have noted all the observations of these actors and we will, with our services, provide as much as possible the appropriate responses in relation to the expectations of these actors. Most of the expectations are already written down in programs in execution of the government Whether it is about security, monitoring our resources, the preservation of this resource and its sustainability, but also their working tools namely the modernity of the equipment, all this is part of a battery of measures carried out by the government of Senegal “. The Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy also invited young people to stay so that together, we can build this country and that the future is here in Senegal. Alioune Ndoye also addressed the issue of the new disease, informing that according to the first results, it would not be chemical pollution and that research is rather directed towards the nets used. According to him, all the samples taken do not reveal chemical or other pollution. On fishing licenses, the minister wonders “on certain organizations, on their funding, on what pushes them to always want to tarnish the image of the Senegalese authorities and Senegal.” We have nothing to hide, we are clear in what we do. It is in perfect respect for the texts which frame our department that all the acts we have taken, we have taken them “, declared the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy Alioune Ndoye during the celebration of the world day of artisanal fishing in Diamniadio.


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