Active breaks, talks and actions to promote the consumption of healthy foods

October 14, 2020 – 12:49 pm

Under the motto: Cultivate, nurture, preserve. Together, different activities are carried out for the week of Healthy Eating in Misiones, in accordance with World Food Day, on October 16.
From talks in the waiting rooms of the CAPS and Hospitals of the province, active breaks in all effectors, tours in public spaces and visits to the media in order to promote healthy eating, are some of the actions that are developed in the week.
Today in Concepción de la Sierra, health promoters will tour the town, handing out brochures on healthy eating.
In Wanda on Radio Municipal the nutrition team spoke about healthy eating.
In Posadas, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Health, he held an active pause, to encourage administrative personnel to avoid sedentary lifestyle. Guidelines on how to avoid food waste and promote respect for food.
In Eldorado promotional activities at the CAPS Antiguo Centro.

Puerto Rico
The Nutrition Area of ​​the Hospital de Puerto Rico, proposes various activities aimed at the community, referring to the importance of a healthy diet, to prevent various diseases. During this week ties and posters related to the theme are delivered. There is delivery of seeds and brochures at the entrance table, where the patients are received. Dissemination of networks, media on “the importance of healthy eating”

Tomorrow 10/15
On Thursday, October 15, in the waiting room of the Hospital de Concepción de la Sierra, there will be a talk about the importance of cultivating, the nutritional benefits and caring for the environment. Samples of various seeds (for cultivation) will be distributed to health personnel to motivate them to carry out a garden in their homes, and fruit and vegetable smoothies will be offered as a snack.
The Apóstoles team will participate in the radio program “Teaching from the radio” on FM Apóstoles 99.1, from 17:30 to 18:30.
At the Samic Iguazú Hospital there will be talks on healthy lifestyle, inclusion of regional foods, types of cooking, hydration, fruits and vegetables, physical activity, rest. Respect for family meals. Take into account when making purchases. Ways of eating, always individualized. Food sanitation. And informative talks on cultivation and preparation of home gardens, cookbooks, delivery of seeds in collaboration with INTA.
On social networks, a promotion message about healthy eating, the concept of healthy eating from the Mbya Guaraní perspective, will be shared.
In Posadas, there will be a tasting of flavored waters at the Ministry of Public Health, to encourage Health administrative personnel to consume healthy, rich and nutritious drinks. Accompanied with nutritional counseling.
In the Plaza 9 de Julio de Posadas, an activity coordinated with family farming will take place.
In Oberá, at CAPS Yerbal Viejo, there will be talks on healthy eating.
In Eldorado, videos about food heroes will be screened and local programs will be participated in.
On Friday, October 16, a virtual training will be held for health teams on promoting healthy eating for the prevention of obesity and CNCD.
In Concepción de la Sierra, the team will travel to the Mbya Guaraní Ojo de Agua and Iraka Miri villages to talk about the importance of the crop and the nutritional benefits.
At Hospital El Soberbio the tasting of preparations with regional fruits will be held, to accompany tostines and flavored waters.
In Posadas, tasting of Fruit Table at the Ministry of Public Health. At CAPS 23 there will be talks on: How to prepare “Mi Huerta”. How to make homemade jams with native fruits (Medlar and Orange jam), with delivery of recipes.
In Apóstoles there will be open-air sessions in a central square where there will be dissemination about the importance of healthy eating. The following will be used as didactic support resources: posters, brochures, audios prepared by the National Ministry of Health. Body Mass Index control will be carried out on whoever wishes, blood pressure control and nutritional counseling.
In Posadas, the Maternal Neonatal Hospital will deliver fruit seedlings to postpartum mothers who are discharged from the Maternal Hospital, in charge of the Hospital’s nutrition service in conjunction with the public health maternity and childhood nutrition area.
In Iguazú, the Hospital will deliver brochures on healthy eating and online talks through the Hospital’s Facebook on the subject.
Candelaria: Dissemination through social networks, messages based on the Food Guidelines for the Argentine Population, talk and delivery of brochures on healthy eating and regional foods to people who attend the Candelaria Hospital.
Talks will be held at the Hospital de Alba Posse, CAPS San Francisco, July 9 and Acaraguá and there will be delivery of brochures.
At the Samic Oberá graphic materials on the subject will be delivered.
At CAPS Sarmiento de Eldorado he talks in the waiting room about the benefits of growing and healthy eating.
Dos de Mayo: “My Healthy Moment”. Students from different schools in the Municipality of Dos de Mayo are invited to draw their moment of healthy eating.
Aristóbulo del Valle: Interview with Local Producers to promote their activity and the consumption of the food they produce. They will be used on Facebook of the Hospital, TV Channel and Local Radios. Posters and decoration in the allusive hospital promoting World Food Day, its motto and nutritional situation of the area in the different radios of the town.
Visit to communities of the Cuña Pirú Valley with Médica in Charge, to share and promote healthy eating habits
In Salto Encantado at CAPS Centro there will be actions to promote healthy eating habits. Visit to local radio stations. Dissemination through networks of the interviews with Local Producers.


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