Actor John Mario Rivera was denounced for abuse and rape

The complaint against John Mario Rivera was published on the Caracol Televisión program La Red. There, the actor’s ex-partner said that he has suffered a lot during the relationship.

The entertainment program, although it gave the victim a voice, stressed that “we still have to listen to several versions”, but that it published the case because the process is already in the hands of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

The victim assured that, after discovering several of Rivera’s infidelities, the psychological and physical abuse against him began.

Rivera said that the year 2019 was particularly difficult for her, as she learned about “very painful things” and saw how “Day after day, he increased his way of drinking and destroyed himself.”

At that point, the psychological attacks were part of the relationship because – the woman says – Rivera always blamed her for everything and insulted her. “You are brute. [La cabeza] does not give you for more. You are ridiculous. You are toxic. You’re a bad person ”were some of the phrases with which the actor mistreated his ex-partner.

She assured that there was also economic abuse, because Rivera blamed him that he was the one who carried the responsibility of the home and told him that she was useless.

John Mario Rivera controlled the activities of his ex-partner

According to María del Pilar Rojas’ complaint, the artist was always aware of what she was doing. La Red said that she is an Arabic dance dancer, and that Rivera controlled what time she went to the academy.

“I couldn’t come as a surprise, I had to warn. If I went out, I couldn’t go out alone; It had to be with the employee, because if not [él creía] that I was going to see someone ”.

María del Pilar Rojas says she was also abused by John Mario Rivera

In her dialogue with La Red, the woman said that, during the legal process, she realized that she had also been abused by him, without knowing it.

Faced with this complaint, she said that the actor was surprised. However, she came to that conclusion during the judicial process.

Rojas told in the magazine how was one of the conversations he had with Rivera about the alleged violation: “I didn’t know that you were raping me, I didn’t realize it. She was so stupid and so blind that she didn’t even know that “.

The complainant said that the authorities determined that she had been raped when they noticed that she had several bruises on her body. They asked her if they had beaten her and she confessed that he “had been very rough in the sexual part.”

The woman narrated that she had to go to Legal Medicine, where they checked her and told her that, in addition to the psychological abuse, she had been raped.

The record of the physical attacks of John Mario Rivera

In addition to the episodes of rape and psychological attacks, Rivera’s ex-partner told how he, on one occasion, took her by the neck in a clear case of violence.

Crying, she related that she felt like she was dying when she saw that the threats he had made were coming true. In fact, a video that gives an account of the aggression suffered in Rivera’s acting school shows the force with which the actor attacked her.

John Mario Rivera pleaded not guilty

The Network said that the actor, through his lawyer, pleaded not guilty to the charges. However, the hearing was postponed and is now scheduled for December 21.

The program claimed to have spoken with Rivera, but he did not want to refer to the subject, although he reiterated that he is not guilty of the accusations.

Here, María del Pilar Rojas’ full complaint about the aggressions of John Mario Rivera:


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