Actress Isabelle Carré announces having been a victim of incest (video)

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Speech is freed, in France, after the publication of the book “La Family large “by Camille Kouchner. As a reminder, in this one, she reports the incest committed by Olivier Duhamel, her stepfather, on “Victor”, her brother. Since the publication of the book on January 7, personalities and anonymous testify to facts arrived in their childhood.

Speech is freed

Today in France, the Senate is also examining a bill that aims to prohibit any sexual act between an adult and a minor under 13 years old. But for many, 13 years old East too low an age threshold. On social networks, the fight is being waged so that this threshold is brought to 15 years for all and 18 years in case of disability.

Via account Instagram and twitter the dancer and actress Andréa Bescond, who was also a victim of incest, actress Isabelle Carré joins the fight.

“I’m not on social networks so I’m going to take advantage of my friend Andréa’s account Bescond to express myself and to thank her, first of all for this fight that she has been leading for several years for the cause of children with an exceptional force of conviction“, begins Isabelle Carré.

“I recognized part of my life”

“I would also like to thank Camille Kouchner for this gift she gave us, this book which allowed the word to be released and so many people to express themselves. Including me today, since reading this book, I recognized a part of my life and I felt an incredible emotion to see that I was no longer alone.

“Let us ensure that this word is not delivered in vain”

On the verge of tears, the actress continues. “Emmanuel Macron is right to say that it takes exceptional courage to testify. This momentum which is ours today, it should not be disappointed. The threshold for non-consent should not be set below the age of 15. 18 years for people with disabilities. It is essential that the message sent to the company is clear. We are tired of these laws which are illegible to most of us. Now it is up to the law to act, to the laws to change and to ensure that this word is not delivered in vain.

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