Actress Rhonda Fleming dies aged 97

She was nicknamed “the queen of technicolor”. Born Marylin Louis, it is the famous producer David O. Selznic (Gone with the Wind) who will rename her Rhonda Flemming. The flamboyant red-haired actress has appeared in around 40 films.

She has, for example, shot for Alfred Hitchcok, in The House of Doctor Edwardes, with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman, in 1945, in La Griffe du Past by Jacques Tourneur, with Robert Mitchum, in The Fifth Victim by Fritz Lang (1956 ) and also in Settling an Account at OK Corral, with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, in 1957.

She also starred in many B movies. “I made the mistake of shooting inferior films for money,” she said. She then played in many TV series, until 1990. We saw her in an episode of Virginien (1965), Kung Fu (1975), La Croisière amuses in 1978.


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