Actress Yasmine Sabry responds to her father’s accusations (video) __________

The controversy intensified between the artist, Yasmine Sabry, and her father, after he directed her harsh message He accuses her that the money changed her, because she did not attend her brother’s wedding.

The artist, Yasmine, responded through one of the programs in which she was hosted, to the message sent to her by her father, and said that her grandfather and grandmother to her mother were the ones who raised her.

And she continued, “My grandmother is a strong six, and Mama was a swimming champion, and they let me train and play swimming since I am 4 years old.”

She also added: “I did not have the luxury of time, and there was intensity and commitment to myself in sports. “.

And Yasmine Sabry continued, “There is no relationship with my father, and this is not because of the separation. There are people who choose to complete the road and take responsibility, and there are people who choose themselves,” noting that the separation does not mean the disintegration of the family.

After the statements made by the artist, her father was surprised by that, and stressed that her words were false and had nothing to do with the truth.

And her father considered that “her words are naive and incorrect. I was with her during the various periods of her educational life, from elementary school to her first marriage, and I did not abandon her at any time, according to local newspapers.

He also indicated that Yasmine lived with him in his house, and she has her own room, which still exists so far in the house, containing all her things and old photos.

He added, “I do not believe how a girl slandered her father who raised her in his house. I do not believe that a person can turn into evil and ingratitude to this degree, after I raised her and married her to her first marriage and stood beside her. She says about me like this. Do all these years have no value for my children to this degree. ?”

Yasmine Sabry’s father had attacked his daughter, because she did not attend her brother’s joy while she was at the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session during the last period, in a post on “Facebook”, hinting that money and private planes tempted her after her marriage to Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

As he said in an interview with one of the local channels, on Saturday, Ashraf Sabry, head of the Association for Diving and Conservation of the Marine Environment in Alexandria, said: “I do not imagine that a person would be so ungrateful to an older brother, without any reasons or introductions,” adding: “A very strange need.” “.

He also confirmed that there were no differences or associations that prevented Yasmine and her mother and sisters from attending their brother’s wedding.

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