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Programmer of the original Assassin’s creed Charles Randall said that he and a small team had to add additional tasks to the game in just 5 days.

The project was already about to be sent to print, but shortly before that it became known that one of the children of the general director (apparently speaking of Yves Guillaume) tried Assassin’s Creed, and it seemed boring to him – “there is nothing to do in it”.

The creative project manager Patrice Desile has already come up with some plan, but it wasn’t only 5 days that it wasn’t implemented – all this had to be added without any bugs, since the project would go to print immediately.

Randall agreed under several conditions. He was given an isolated room, work computers were moved there, and he, together with 4-5 people, started to work. He does not remember the rest well, but in the end he managed to cope with the task … with one but.

One bug still turned out.

If one of you, poor fellow, tried to pass the game 100%, then you know about the bug when it is impossible to fulfill all the contracts for the murder of the Templars. You have to start the game again.

Charles Randall

The fact is that one of the enemies was “tied” to the incorrect sector, because of which it fell under the texture, if you approach it from the “wrong direction”. And that’s it. Although in the fall he formally dies, but his killing does not count, and a 100% passage was impossible.

In general, the miracle that the game did not melt your consoles and other systems

Charles Randall

As Randall recalls, then for such a job he should have asked for a lot of money, and not just an isolated room, from which, perhaps, he “still has not left.”

The original Assassin’s Creed was released in 2007 and became the most successful Ubisoft game at that time, despite controversial reviews.

As Patrice Desile recalled a year and a half ago, the game needed about a year of development, however, the company had to release the game early, because of which it did not have full-fledged additional tasks.

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