Adobe Flash will disappear (for real) before the end of 2020

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We have heard it so many times that it seems like the story of the wolf: Flash dies on day X. However, the controversial software has never finished going altogether. Now it seems so, and this month could mean the final goodbye.

And it is that Adobe launched its last update for Flash Player announcing that it will no longer support the software after December 31st. Furthermore, it will also block Flash content from running in the player as of January 12, 2021 and recommends uninstalling the player from your computer if it is still there.

So things, and oddly enough, everything indicates that Flash is finally saying goodbye this year, and actually, it makes sense that it is in the damn 2020. As much as the software revolutionized our experience on the web, it also brought with it a great number of problems.

And if you are one of those who feel nostalgic for the good times, you can always go to Flashpoint, a file that has about 36,000 games originally created in Flash and emulated for your enjoyment.

Goodbye Flash, take as much peace as you leave rest.[[The Next Web]


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