AEW Saturday Night Dynamite # 107 Results & Report from Orlando, Florida, USA from October 23, 2021 (incl. Videos & voting)

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All Elite Wrestling „Saturday Night Dynamite #106“
Ort: Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, Florida, USA
First broadcast: October 23, 2021
Spectators: approx. 5,500

It´s saturday night, and you know what that means! After the greeting by the team of commentators, the first match of the evening starts right away.

1. Match
AEW World Title Eliminator – 1. Runde – Singles Match
Bryan Danielson won against Dustin Rhodes via submission in a guillotine choke.
Match time: 14:28
-During the match, the camera pans to the front row of the audience, where former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese has taken his seat.

Next we see the elite in the backstage area. Kenny Omega directs his words to Adam Page. Next week the elite will face the Dark Order and he would like to be excited because next week is the Halloween special edition of AEW Dynamite. Only the one year tag team with Hangman felt like Halloween. Omega knows the real Adam Page. If the fans knew him just as well, they wouldn’t be shouting “Cowboy Shit”, but “Coward Shit”.

Back from the commercial break, we get a video pack that sheds light on the feud between FTR and the Lucha Bros. FTR calls for an AEW World Tag Team Championship match, which Penta offered them without hesitation for the coming week, but Wheeler & Harwood would rather get the title back at Full Gear, exactly one year after they lost the title to the Young Bucks.

Tony Schiavone gets ready in the ring to question Sting about Darby Allin’s condition. Before Sting can speak, however, the music from MJF can be heard. Sting should rather tell the fans the truth. This would be that Darby Allin won’t come back. MJF also mentions that Sting is not a good person, after all, he is never there when his friends need him. But Sting had enough when MJF put Lex Luger’s name in his mouth and launched an attack. It doesn’t take long before Wardlow and Shawn Spears storm the ring and attack Sting with a chair, among other things. MJF takes a seat on this chair and now addresses Darby Allin directly. MJF is the present and the future of professional wrestling and when Darby comes back his future will be like the present of Sting. At the end of the segment, after Sting is back on his feet, he is knocked down by MJF with one blow with his Dynamite Diamond Ring.

Britt Baker is backstage with Tony Schiavone for an interview. At AEW Full Gear, Dr. Britt defending her AEW Women’s World title against Tay Conti. Conti makes Baker angry because she always sticks her nose into strange matters. After Conti has touched Baker’s things, Baker will touch them, and not exactly gently.

2. Match
AEW TBS Championship Tournament – 1. Runde – Singles Match
Ruby Soho won against Penelope Ford via pin after a rollup.
Match time: 08:27
– After almost 2 minutes of match time, The Bunny came to the ring to distract Soho. Later in the match, Bunny threw the brass knuckles into the ring. This plan backfired because it brought unrest into the match, which Ruby exploited for the decisive roll-in.

After the match, Bunny enters the ring and plans an attack on Soho with Penelope Ford, but Red Velvet rushes to stamp out the majority.

We hear from MJF again, but Wardlow interrupts him, who confronts him about last week’s events. When asked why he threw Wardlow into the line of fire against Sting, he simply replied that it was in the heat of the moment. However, since Wardlow is doing a good job, he arranged a match for him and his “acountabilibuddy”, Shawn Spears. With the puzzled-looking Wardlow and Spears it goes into the commercial break.

3. Match
Singles Match
Bobby Fish won against Anthony Greene via pin after the knockout kick.
Match time: 01:52

After the match, Bobby Fish appears to leave the ring but ultimately decides to launch an attack on Greene. He takes Greene into a rear naked choke before CM Punk rushes to help.

The new tag team, consisting of Dante Martin and Lio Rush, is backstage with Tony Schiavone. Everything Lio Rush does, he makes great. He is a great mentor for Martin, unlike Matt Sydal. For next week he has already arranged a tag team match for himself and Martin against the Sydal Brothers, which Martin is not very enthusiastic about.

4. Match
AEW World Title Eliminator – 1. Runde – Singles Match
Eddie Kingston won against Lance Archer via pin after a rollup.
Match time: 07:23
-Already when moving in, Kingston launched an attack on Archer, which is why the match was rung later. Tony Nese was also in the audience for this match.
– Shortly before the end, Archer wanted to show a moonsault, but landed on his head, which is why the match was possibly shortened.

After a commercial break, we see the Men of the Year and Dan Lambert in the ring. Ethan Page hadn’t seen a good MMA fight by Jake Hager, but he did see Scorpio Sky pinning Jericho. He also finds it ridiculous that Jericho flirted with Paige Van Zant after the defeat. The only celebrity Jericho would kiss, however, would be Jorge Masvidal’s knee. Page now directs his words to Sammy Guevara, because he would personally replace this “PR nightmare” as a TNT champion. Sammy Guevara is not long in coming and makes it clear that while Page is always complaining, he had worked out a way that made him the TNT champion. Ethan Page will, after Guevara, never achieve anything in AEW, since he, Page is the only one who is only remotely interested in what he is doing at all. Now Lambert takes the floor and challenges Guevara. Next week he is set to risk his TNT Championship against Ethan Page and should he lose he will have to leave the Inner Circle forever. Guevara accepts the challenge, but only on one condition. This is, if he wins the match, he gets to choose the three members of the American Top Team who will face the Inner Circle at Full Gear. Sky and Page then go to the ramp to give Guevara a rub, but are driven away by members of the Inner Circle hurrying up.

Next up is Jon Moxley. He talks about how he will win the upcoming tournament. But that’s not what he thinks about right now. He thinks of his daughter. Currently interested in pretty much nothing. Neither the tournament nor the AEW World Championship, nor the ratings. He is only interested in whether he is healed, when he comes home with his teeth in his mouth and his head on his shoulders. In order for that to happen, he must first come before his opponents. He directed this warning primarily to the participants in the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament.

Backstage, the Dark Order stands ready to answer the elite, but is surprised by Adam Page. Page thinks the Dark Order was right, but that’s not the point. He says that the elite will definitely have costumes for next week and suggests that his boys dress up too.

5. Match
Singles Match
Jungle Boy won against Brandon Cutler via submission in the snare trap.
Match time: 01:02

After the match, Jungle Boy picks up a microphone. Cutler was a great warm up. Jungle Boy is far from tired and challenges another member of the elite. Jungle Boy takes Cutler into the snare trap again as no one accepts his challenge. Adam Cole then comes out and it appears he will take up the challenge, but instead it was a distraction that the Young Bucks used to attack Jungle Boy. This was followed by the BTE trigger and a “boom” knee from Adam Cole. Then the super clique threw the defenseless jungle boy off the stage.

The matches Jon Moxley vs. Pres10 Vance and Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida, already confirmed at Rampage, now include the matches Sammy Guevara vs. Ethan Page, Bobby Fish vs. CM Punk, as well as an 8-men tag team match between the elite and announced the Dark Order. The matches Lio Rush & Dante Martin vs. The Sydal Brothers and the first semi-final of the AEW World Title Eliminator tournament, Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson, await us at Rampage.

A video package about Miro follows. His wife needs him back as a champion. The champion abandoned by God becomes “God’s favorite champion” again, but not because God wants it, but because Miro wants it.

Then it’s time for the main event of the evening, for which Malakai Black makes his usual mysterious way to the ring.

6. Match
Singles Match
Cody Rhodes (w / Arn Anderson, Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson) won against Malakai Black via pin after the Tiger Driver 98.
Match time: 11:42
– During the match, Malakai Black took a chair out from under the ring, but it was snatched from him by Brock Anderson, who came to the ring with Arn Anderson and Lee Johnson.
– Malakai Black set up a table next to the ring, but is pushed through by Cody himself with a Cross Rhodes.
-After both opponents were bleeding, Andrade El Idolo appeared on the ramp. Arn Anderson standing in the ring should be distracted to be attacked by assistant Jose. However, he was able to repel this attack with a spinebuster. Meanwhile, PAC came out and drove Andrade to flight.

Today’s show goes off air with a celebrating Cody Rhodes.

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