Afghans who arrive in Colombia would stay in Bogotá, Barranquilla and Bolívar: Duque

Reference photo: A group of people on their arrival in Dubai after being repatriated from Afghanistan by the Spanish Government, on August 20, 2021, in Dubai, (United Arab Emirates). / Europa Press

After holding a press conference in which he confirmed that Colombia will be providing asylum to Afghan migrants fleeing from the Taliban power that has just taken over their country, the President of the Republic Iván Duque would have offered new information on the cities to which they will be sent, temporarily, these people.

At least that is what the information system of RCN Radio reported, which assured that the head of state had warned, during his trip on Friday, August 20, to Barranquilla that the mayor of that city, that of Bogotá (Claudia López) and the governor of Bolívar, expressed their willingness to give asylum to migrants, who will be passing through the country while the United States resolves their immigration status.

In his words:

“Today I have received communication from several mayors, here the Mayor of Barranquilla Mr. Jaime Pumarejo has expressed his interest to me, the Governor of Bolívar Dr. Vicente Blel has expressed his interest and the Mayor of Bogotá who also called me and expressed his interest in collaborating, and how do you collaborate? Looking for those logistical facilities that, as I said, will be paid for by the United States ”.

It is worth noting that, a quick look at the social networks of said officials, those of their respective administrations, as well as their websites, show no reaction from any of the three regarding the announcement made this afternoon in conjunction with the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip S. Goldberg.

In fact, there have been no reactions to the announcement by other political leaders interested in reaching the Presidency of Colombia. like Gustavo Petro, Sergio Fajardo or Óscar Iván Zuluaga. If she spoke on the subject, on the other hand, it was the vice president and foreign minister of the country, Marta Lucía Ramírez, who through Twitter pointed out that:

“Colombia reaffirms solidarity with the Afghan people, especially with women who suffer fear of the restriction of their freedoms. We support the United States in its 100% funded initiative to welcome Afghan citizens in transit to the United States. Solidarity and humanity, values ​​of Colombia ”.

It is worth remembering that, as President Duque explained this afternoon, “today what we had begun to build at the highest level with the United States is materializing today, and that is Colombia also joins the group of allied countries that will offer support to the United States for those nationals of Afghanistan, that they have given help to the United States for years and that they are in the process of registering and transferring immigration to that country, so that they may be in Colombia temporarily ”.

According to Duque, these tasks will be carried out in strict coordination with the North American country, taking into account that this will be the one who will bear all the costs of caring for these migrants, as well as the speeding up of the necessary processes so that the refugees can return quickly, within the framework of the temporality, to the United States, to regularize their migratory situation.

For his part, the ambassador of that nation described the collaboration announced by Duque as generous and stated that, “We appreciate you answered the call to provide humanitarian support to the Afghan citizens who worked with us. to spread democracy and freedom in a region where those fundamental values, cherished by our two countries, are scarce ”.

So far there is no certainty about how many migrants will arrive in the country, much less about their arrival date or how long they will stay before traveling to the United States. Nevertheless, a Wall Street Journal report assures that Colombia will receive a total of 4,000 Afghans.


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