after 11 seasons, the series has lost none of its bite

The Walking Dead, the series adapted from the eponymous comics, began its 11e and final season. The zombie embodies all the political, social, and health evils that have plagued the United States over the past decade. Portuguese journalist Rui Cardoso explains why he is a fan.

The zombie can be the most human of monsters when it becomes the allegory of our fear of death, but it is also the most political, in its embodiment of the horror of the great catastrophes that threaten civilization – attacks, like those of the September 11, climatic disasters, pandemics, migratory crises or the rise to power of unsavory individuals (to put it simply) … The living dead is also the bearer of a critique of consumerism: thus, in a scene from the famous cinematographic saga by George Romero started with Night of the Living Dead, one of the survivors holed up in the back of a shop observes, seeing the zombies window shopping in a shopping center, that “Even dead they keep coming here…”

American screenwriter Robert Kirkman was not born in 1968, when Romero’s cult film came out. But it is there that he drew his inspiration to embark on the publication, the day after September 11, 2001, of the first volumes of comics. The Walking Dead [traduits en français aux éditions Delcourt]. The epidemic that turns people into monsters is as sudden and inexplicable there as the fall of two planes on Manhattan’s Twin Towers. The success will be immense, and even more from the arrival, in the drawing, of the British Charlie Adlard, which will go until the 193rd and last issue of the series, in 2019.

Series tree

In 2010 the series adapted from the comic book was launched, and success is again there. Over the HBO juggernaut, Robert Kirkman preferred AMC, a discreet cable channel: “The smaller the aquarium, the better you can see the fish…” There will be 11 seasons in all * and, as with comics, the authors will avoid the one too many – even the best idea is not endless. It is because we do not stretch an intrigue like a piece of chewing gum.

In the meantime, the original series has had babies, like Fear the Walking Dead (where we find the character of Morgan Jones, played by Lenny James) and


Rui Cardoso

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