After a disciplinary session, Al-Sisi decides to dismiss a senior judicial official

On Thursday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a decision to dismiss a senior judicial official.

And the Egyptian president issued a republican decree dismissing Counselor Mahmoud Mustafa Sayed Abdel Rahman, Vice President of the State Council, from his job.

The Official Gazette said that the decision was issued based on the ruling issued in the disciplinary case No. 11 of 68 judicial year in the last October 26 session and based on what was presented by the Minister of Justice.

Last June, Al-Sisi decided to dismiss Counselor Dr. Muhammad Ali Mahmoud Hashem, Vice President of the State Council, from his job as well, in order for the judge to conduct commercial business in an African country, in contradiction with the requirements of his job.

The decision was based on a ruling issued by the Disciplinary Council for members of the State Council on March 30 to remove the judge, as it was found that the partner of the dismissed consultant in business filed a complaint against him in the State Council, while a judicial source confirmed that practicing commercial business is prohibited for judges, whether in Egypt or abroad. .

Sources had revealed, against the backdrop of the killing of the Egyptian broadcaster, Shaima Gamal, at the hands of her husband, Ayman Hajjaj, the judge in the State Council, that the broadcaster’s husband is involved in cases of corruption, irregularities, trade, and the sale of land, as his wealth has recently increased in proportion to his sources of income.

And last September, the Giza Criminal Court decided to sentence the media husband to death by hanging on charges of premeditated murder.

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor had earlier referred the defendants in that case, which preoccupied public opinion in the country, to the criminal trial, after investigations showed that the first defendant, Ayman Hajjaj, the husband of the victim, was determined to get rid of her, after she threatened him to reveal their secrets, and bargained with him, demanding sums of money. In return for her silence on his corruption.

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